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Led energy-saving light bulbs do it? May 25, 2018

Led energy-saving light bulbs do it?

1. Here to give everyone under the stress, led energy-saving light bulbs will save electricity, but more energy-efficient light bulbs, because led energy-saving light bulbs and energy-saving lamps are different, their luminous efficiency is also different, can save the power will not the same. Energy-saving lamps have different quality and luminous efficiency because of different brands.

2. The energy efficiency of led energy-saving light bulbs is much higher than that of energy-saving lamps. The brightness of 1W led energy-saving light bulbs requires at least about 2W of energy-saving lamps to achieve almost the same brightness, and the brightness that people feel will be affected by a number of factors. Factors will reduce its brightness. Led energy-saving light bulbs produce a cold light source, and the energy-saving lamp's brightness will generate heat, resulting in more heat than led energy-saving light bulbs, but also increase the power loss of a reason.

3. Led energy-saving light bulbs are much more expensive than energy-saving lamps, so some users know in time that led energy-saving light bulbs are more power-efficient, and they will also choose to purchase energy-saving light bulbs because the cost of purchasing energy-saving light bulbs can be used to make up for the time spent buying lights. Money. Which fixtures are used to see the user's respective needs.

Therefore, it is still necessary to purchase China LED light.